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Dear friends and guests!

I appreciate you visiting my gallery, to explore my creativity and new works, which displays different genres and themes.

In my work, I pay a lot of attention, like many famous artists, the beauty of the world: sketches suburbs, mountain and sea landscapes, and still lifes and genre paintings. Written paintings created in the places I visited, and has made me a good impression.

The biggest concern for me is the theme: the life of Russian people, their national traditions, holidays, and normal everyday life. Transfer to canvas the various aspects of their lives and images of people from the past are displayed in my new series : " Life in Russia - a window to the past".

Delving into the world of past history , exploring the book materials, old photos, see and understand how difficult and sometimes hard ball the lives of ordinary people, our countrymen, who built and strengthened our homeland.

This new cycle on which they are working now, I propose to your attention .

Best regards Sergey Skachkov.

Anyone wishing to place an order on oil painting for a gift, you can go through my contacts. Picture many are in stock and decorated with baguette. Additionally, you can make a festive packaging.

As well as present a series of paintings executed in watercolor for registration of restaurants and cafes, as well as office space. All work is framed.