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Is taking orders for the following types:

- copies of any well-known Museum of icons,

- modern icons of any size,

- gift and simple paintings, executed in watercolor,

- paintings for interior decoration and offices of small and large sizes, made with oil and acrylic paints.

When performing work can be used in various themes such as: cultural, historical, Orthodox, urban, industrial, transport, sports, landscape, sea, or about animals.


All your works are discussed in a personal meeting with the artist, as a responsible person, during which defines all the details of your order. Certainly will take into account all your wishes. If custom work on the preview will not appeal to the customer, he shall be entitled to refuse its completion.

About the cost of work on sections of icons, paintings and drawings to represent the price list is very difficult because the artist works creatively, as the author and does not work on the production flow. Just call and tell about your order indicating the nature, size, technique and time of manufacture.

If the customer is an organization or other legal entity, in this case drawn up a standard contract for the provision of services, specifying all conditions. Payment is made by Bank transfer and cash payments.