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IMG_5867-mini Born may 9, 1959., in, Belaya Kalitva, Rostov region.

Member Of The Creative Union Of Artists Of The Moscow Region.

Member Of International Art Fund.

Member Of The International Federation Of Watercolor

In 1974 he studied at the art Studio of the Folk House them thieves, , Ramenskoye, Moscow region under the leadership Panteleeva Century. And. Honored artist of Russia.

Since 1986, he studied and worked on the class icon in the workshops GIML. Participated in the restoration of the temple of Theodore Stratelates at Antioch Podvorie Telegraph lane in Moscow.

From 1988 to 1992 he worked in, Stockholm (Sweden), the class of the painting and restoration at the invitation of the gallery.

In 1990, he held his first personal exhibition " Russian icon" in Stockholm in the building of the Collegium of advocates.

Since 1993 worked in cross-sectoral Foreign trade Association Manager for the reconstruction and restoration of the historic mansions on Yauzsky Boulevard, D. 1-3, in, Moscow.

In 1995, the participation in the exhibition " Ancient art" in India, Delhi.

Since 2003 the working class oil painting and watercolor.

2011 participation in regular regional and Moscow exhibitions.

In 2013 holds two personal exhibitions: the first MHF, where it presents more than 100 works executed in watercolor and oil.

The second personal exhibition in the Business Commercial Centre, "Country Park" which was billed more than 50 works made as watercolor and oil.

The third exhibition in the DC homeland, O. Khimki. Presents more than 50 new paintings for 2014.

Currently lives and works in the city of Khimki, M. O.. he Leads the creative Studio WEBCAM, in the position of art Director.